Evolving ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model Session - Shared screen with speaker view
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Diana Middleton
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Paul Tattersfield
I would go further PDP3.0 worryingly seems to exclude individuals who are not a member of a constituency. This excludes busy people who find a single constituency membership too restrictive to relate well to their view of the world.
Diana Middleton
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Paul Tattersfield
But many of them only advocate for their own constituency interests Steve, what we need are people who advocate for building better solutions for all constituencies not just their own.
Diana Middleton
As a reminder, the slide deck for today’s session has been uploaded to the chat room. We will publish them online after the session.
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Paul Tattersfield
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Paul Tattersfield
A lot of it is less than ideal chairing. What we probably need is better training for working group chairs.
Diana Middleton
The slides will be published on the session page (https://66.schedule.icann.org/meetings/1116764) as well as the main Evolving MSM page (https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/governance-plan-improve-multistakeholder-model-2019-04-08-en) after today’s session.
Sivasubramanian M
If the question does not fit into the session topics, please take it on record for the required level of attention:
Sivasubramanian M
<question> Could ICANN evolve this model, not only for the DNS, but as a framework to be replicated in mainstream governance? Even in the interest of DNS governance, could ICANN work on increasingly high level participation of Governments and Business and Civil Society reaching out to one through another? (Are these the defined stakeholder classes, or, are there more groups to balance?) Or, dedicate one of its meetings every year as High Level, perhaps upgrade the policy forum? Or, (suspending cost and time concerns) perhaps a Meeting D, or a 3 day Winter Retreat, with open sessions open to Registered remote participation? (Meeting D makes it somewhat possible to reorient A or B or C to be more informal to promote trust). Better understanding of the multi-stakeholder process at high levels could expedite faster evolution and in the process empower the participating Community, especially GAC Representatives with the required authority, the absence of which slows down processes. <question>
Diana Middleton
Thank you Sivasubramanian, we’ll read your question aloud.
Sivasubramanian M
Thank you. It was very helpful.
Diana Middleton
UPDATE: the slide deck is now posted here: https://66.schedule.icann.org/meetings/1116764
Jay Chapman
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Diana Middleton
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Paul Tattersfield
In PDPs I’ve been a member of stalemate seems to stem from lack of leadership abilities of the chairs. For example where a chair wishes to only support the working group when the work undertaken is aligned with their own personal or their own constituency interests, at all other times they use process itself or a refusal to engage to frustrate the progress of the working group.
Chris Disspain is right about Trust, which is most often about disagreements over priorities