Michelle DeSmyter's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Sue Schuler
Welcome to the meeting of the RDAP WG. Please announce your name before speaking for purposes of the transcript. Please mute your microphone when not speaking to help maintain sound quality. Thanks
Dan Wright
It sounds like something a registrar could implement transparently via an internal proxy.
Marc Blanchet
right. hence my question: is there a real reason for this, or just an interesting possibility.
Dan Wright
I don’t think I have enough of an understanding of the problem to say. But it sounds like something they could handle internally.
Marc Anderson (Verisign / RySG)
that is correct Rick 10:30-12
Marc Blanchet
but, in theory and at high-level, I could understand the idea: registry operators could provide a different URL for each of their registries. so registrars could like to have a similar facility.
Marc Blanchet
Meeting planning: just to let you know that during the GDD Summit week, there will be the ROW workshop on wed may 6th pm.