ICANN75 - Grand Ballrooom 1 (GAC) - 20 Sep AM Sessions - Shared screen with speaker view
Julia Charvolen - ICANN Org
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Gabriel Andrews
@India - the RAA isn't always clear/specific in all of its provisions; and that's a topic we'll hit upon shortly, though under the DNS Abuse topic.
Viacheslav Erokhin (GAC Russia)
<QUESTION> Does ICAHN plan to create a certain set of rules for registrars within the operational framework of this system, or will it be a completely “best efforts” solution, dependent on the registrar's decision on the obligation of the response (positive or negative), response timing, scope, explanation of the refusal to request? <QUESTION>
Viacheslav Erokhin (GAC Russia)
thank you for clarification!
Yuko Yokoyama - ICANN Org
@Viacheskav, my name is Yuko Yokoyama and I am one of the ICANN's project team members for the WHOIS Disclosure System Design Paper. As there is no policy or contractual mandate to enforce any behaviors from the registrars, there really isn't any framework that we could impose to the participating registrars.
Rosalind KennyBirch
Thank you Laureen
Luciano Mazza
Good point Gabriel, thank you
Yuko Yokoyama - ICANN Org
If i may answer Charles' question about logging in the room
the system could be a good building block in searching a solution but we need to find under what conditions, i.e. whether the current features suffice /how it could be refined
Nigel Hickson GAC UK
+1 Velimira
Susan Chalmers (GAC, USA)
It seems that a key component to the success of the System pilot is promoting awareness for requestors and even potential requestors.
Laureen Kapin, U.S., co-Chair PSWG
Agree that outreach/education will be key.
Chris Lewis-Evans (PSWG Co-Chair - UK)
+1 Susan good levels of usage will be key to provide good information on the way forward for the SSAD recommendations.
Nigel Hickson GAC UK
Agree Susan, to work needs buy-in
Gabriel Andrews
to work needs buy-in, and for buy-in it needs to work :)
Yuko Yokoyama - ICANN Org
That is correct - Registrars will be able to log in the system their decisions, what data was disclosed, and the reasons for denial of disclosure if that were the case.
Fabien Betremieux - ICANN Org
Scoping Team Report to GNSO Council (6 Sep. 2022) being discussed: https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/gnso-accuracy-st/attachments/20220905/a657f4bf/RDAScopingTeamWriteUpAssignments12-FINAL-2September2022-0001.pdf
Nico Caballero - GAC Paraguay
Thank you Fabien, very useful indeed
Sivasubramanian M
A registrar registers multiple TLDs, names in a TLD are registered by multiple Registrars, multiple TLD names are registered by multiple registrars, for the whois system to redirect a query to the responsible Registrar, the whois system first needs to know, for example, who is the Registrar who registered icann.org, again for e.g, who is the Registrar who registered iana.org. Before whois queries for the domain whois information, the whois system needs to learn whois the Registrar. But in a situation where whois is designed as a system that asks the Registry instead of the Registrar, the query routing is a far, far simplified process, easy to automate. If the queried name is a .org name it goes to the .org Registry, if it is a .com name it goes to the .com Registry. The Registries are likely to have realtime updates from all their Registrars on Registration / Renewal data from their Registrars. It may be a cleaner whois if Registration data is obtained from Registries.
Nigel Hickson GAC UK
Really do hope this work by Accuracy Team can be approved and enacted ASAP.
Sivasubramanian M
.... Registrar registers names from multiple TLDs ... (typo)
@Nigel - it has its shortcomings though - to be discussed as mentioned by GNSO yesterday
Nigel Hickson GAC UK
Thanks for Session
Gulten Tepe - ICANN Org
Thank you everyone
Gulten Tepe - ICANN Org
We will resume with GAC Discussion on DNS Abuse momentarily
Fabien Betremieux - ICANN Org
GAC Statement on DNS Abuse (18 Sep. 2019): https://gac.icann.org/contentMigrated/gac-statement-on-dns-abuse
Mark Datysgeld
Netbeacon tool: https://netbeacon.org/
Sivasubramanian M
There could be more categories of abuse (in the Domain name space), such as abuse by "Design to fail", for e.g, a malafide commercial website with a superficially good design to take the money for a product or service, but a careful "design-to-fail" for after-sales contracts or after-sales accountability. Consumer experts could inform ICANN more on this and on how this affects more Internet users than 'well known' categories of malware.
Gulten Tepe - ICANN Org
You may find the slides being presented also published on GAC website at; https://gac.icann.org/sessions/icann75-session-6-gac-discussion-on-dns-abuse
Sivasubramanian M
Such 'out of scope' abuses may need collective mitigation efforts, by Registrars, Users, experts by processes such as ranking, and by observation mechanism for tracking consumer complaints.
Gabriel Andrews
This is very good engagement, and Q&A.
John McCormac - HosterStats.com
Piracy seems to be Content Abuse that uses DNS. Presenting it as a DNS Abuse issue may be blurring the line between Content Abuse and DNS Abuse.
Kerry-Ann Barrett
@Japan - would you think this can be resolved through the contract - or are you thinking there are other mechanisms to strengthen the tools the registrar has to respond. I’m one of the implementers Shepard for the SSR2 report and we tried to unpack this issue.
Julia Charvolen - ICANN Org
DNS Abuse presentation during the GAC Capacity Building Workshop: https://gac.icann.org/sessions/gac-capacity-building-and-outreach-session-5-key-gac-topics-priority-interests-for-governments
Nico Caballero - GAC Paraguay
+1 USA
Sivasubramanian M
Away from excesses, there could be a balanced approach: At present anonymity is the more prevalent norm, and authenticity happens to be exceptional. This could change to a scene or domain names identifiable but room for different degrees of anonymity -- anonymity by exception.
Chris Lewis-Evans (PSWG Co-Chair - UK)
Thank you to Japan for the great presentation. I think a key point to consider in relation to DNS Abuse is that if a Registrar has a known abusive registrant how can we support it (through policy or good practices or information sharing) in identifying and preventing further abuse
Rowena Schoo (she/her)
If anyone would like to hear more about the work of the DNS Abuse Institute, please do reach out to me and Graeme: <rowena@dnsabuseinstitute.org> We are here in KL and happy to talk. You can see our work here: https://dnsabuseinstitute.org/dnsai-intelligence/
Nigel Hickson GAC UK
@Rowena - thanks
Gabriel Andrews
+1 to Chris LE's point above. And noting that this might be a topic of discussion for clarifying RAA 3.18.1, as the Board has previously suggested the community tackle together.
Nigel Hickson GAC UK
@Chris - Agree
Fabien Betremieux - ICANN Org
T Santhosh GAC India
<comment>while issue of copyright or trademark to be handled by concerned courts. However with growing numbers courts are expecting iICANN to handle this issues</comment>
Gabriel Andrews
Closing thought: I am extremely grateful to the interest and engagement from the GAC on these topics. Thank you!
Nigel Hickson GAC UK
Thank you Gabriel and colleagues
Chris Lewis-Evans (PSWG Co-Chair - UK)
Thank you all
T Santhosh GAC India
Thanks Colleagues
Jessica Dadzie
Grateful to you all
John McCormac - HosterStats.com
Thanks. Excellent session.
Jessica Dadzie
Jessica Dadzie Asare from Ghana (GhanaSIG here
Gulten Tepe - ICANN Org
Thank you very much for your participation. We will resume with GAC and ccNSO Meeting at 05:15UTC (13:15 local time)