Middle East DNS Forum 2021 - 6 April PM - Shared screen with speaker view
Amr Elsadr
Turkey is one of the countries in the region with a relatively developed marketplace, both in terms of gTLDs and ccTLDs.
Magali Jean
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Seher Sagiroglu - ICANN Org
Agreed @Amr, one of the biggest market in the region in terms of hosting and domains names
Hadia Elminiawi
@Amr In general we have a very good number of domain name registrations coming from Egypt. However, when it comes to the ccTLDs of the region apart from very few - not more than a handful of registries, the numbers are limited. The local DNS industry in the region is still to pickup.
Baher Esmat
<Question for M. Zeidan - can you elaborate more on the point you mentioned about search engines and their impact on domains? Question>
Amr Elsadr
Agree, Hadia, particularly on ccTLDs across the region. There are lessons to be learned from the handful of successful regional ccTLDs.
Amr Elsadr
And while our gTLD registration numbers are impressive in absolute terms compared to other countries in the region, we have a large enough market in Egypt to do even better.
Manal Ismail
I don’t think social media pose a permanent threat to domain names .. it may pose a temporary one, but at the end, with digital transformation in mind, I would trust a well structured, properly branded, and easy to come back to webpage than a result of a search or something that appears over social media and may disappear or at least be difficult to find again on the following day ..
Hadia Elminiawi
@Amr you should not ignore the differences in the markets - we need to learn from one another but not copycat - it does not work like this. This is not the magical wand
Amr Elsadr
@Hadia: yes…, like I said…, there’s no one solution that can be implemented across the region. Each country has its own specific issues.
faisal bayouli
what do you propose to develop the role of governments to boost the gtLDs registration ?
Bashar Al-Abdulhadi | KUWAITNET & .kw Tech
<COMMENT>We’ve noticed recently a spike in startups and large businesses that spending more to get their .com names for example especially that they recently rebranded during the pandemic and realized how important getting their name.com instead of their name-kuwait.com or -kw.com and of course of its a generic they have to spend a lot to acquire it</COMMENT>
Hadia Elminiawi
<Question for Abdulrahman, could you please tell us about the most probable reasons for the drop in registrations under .ae during the past two years Question>
Chokri Ben Romdhane
<Question>Are their any regulation law or initiative that will moderate the DNS market in the region or locally </Question>
Hadia Elminiawi
Thank you Abdelrahman
Chokri Ben Romdhane
@Hadia I think that in our region Telecom operators are the most active in the DNS market so the evolvement of the market is tightly coupled to the operators activities
Chokri Ben Romdhane
Or needs
Hadia Elminiawi
The Egyptian data protection law is also very similar to the GDPR
Bashar Al-Abdulhadi | KUWAITNET & .kw Tech
@Chokri not really, our telcos in kuwait are the lowest DNS hosting provider, it’s mainly the ISPs or hosting companies especially cloud providers even large enterprises uses cloud DNS ‘providers or managed hosting providers more than telcos
Chokri Ben Romdhane
Thank you @Baher for the update if there is any findings about the evolvement of DNS market in our region please share with us
Hadia Elminiawi
@Chokri - for sure it is not only about policies - many market related factors, directly related to the DNS ecosystem are behind the local market being lagging behind
Chokri Ben Romdhane
Sorry @Bachar thank you again for the clarification
Bashar Al-Abdulhadi | KUWAITNET & .kw Tech
@Chokri sure, can share some data about for example .kw registry such as banks or Govt entities and how many are using cloud DNS or local DNS providers , just need to run a generic report unbranded and happy to share with who needs it.Btw Bashar here not Baher 😊
Chokri Ben Romdhane
and the update from koweit
Bashar Al-Abdulhadi | KUWAITNET & .kw Tech
NP 😊
Chokri Ben Romdhane
It was Bashar BA and Not Baher One :D
Bashar Al-Abdulhadi | KUWAITNET & .kw Tech
Sivasubramanian M
<question>Why is it that IDN is not the Registrant's favorite in UAE? Is it because the Registrants prefer a global reach?
Hadia Elminiawi
Thank you all - Great panelists and discussion
Bashar Al-Abdulhadi | KUWAITNET & .kw Tech
Thank you all for the valuable information