Africa DNS Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Magali Jean - ICANN Org
Session 3 is starting now.
ICANN Tech - Rafael
This session is running from 2:30pm - 3:15pm
Ephraim Percy Kenyanito (ARTICLE 19)
please allow me to share my screen
ICANN Tech - Rafael
This session has 15 minutes, 3:15pm - critical it ends on time to start next session.
Brian Gutterman - ICANN Org
Hi all, thanks for having me today. See here for more information for domain name holders, etc. - https://www.icann.org/registrants
Brian Gutterman - ICANN Org
ICANN org has always recognized registrants as being essential to a robust DNS and marketplace and encourages registrants to engage with the ICANN org and community.Registrants can engage and provide their perspectives through ICANN Public Comment, by attending ICANN meetings and informational webinars, and by joining policy work and community stakeholder groups (SO/ACs).
ICANN A/V Streams
Internet has a brief drop is connected now.
ICANN Tech - Rafael
This session needs to end as soon as possible, already going into next session.
Yaovi Atohoun - ICANN Org
I have informed the moderator as I am also the one to moderate the next session
Magali Jean - ICANN Org
Thank you all for your participation. The 1st session, tomorrow, “The Financial Sector in Africa and Its Impact on the Domain Name System” will start at 9:00 (Nairobi time - UTC+3).